Leerock Foundry
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Our History

The Apprentice Cup

The final test of an apprentice molder. This one made by Arlen Downs, the current owner.
Arlen says that he made this one piece casting with cigarette papers, chewing gum, and spit.

Leerock foundry was founded in 1947 by Howard Lee and George Rocklein. In 1949 Howard sold his interest in the business to George so he could pursue a career with Lockheed. Arlen, the currently owner worked for his dad making molds as young as 13 and was working at the foundry regularly by the time he was 19. Arlen's foundry career was briefly interrupted when he went to serve in the Army at Fort Lewis Washington and when he was a pro ball player with the Oakland A's from 1956 to 1959.

Leerock was founded on old world technique and the art of loose pattern, green sand molding. Today, many foundries don't work loose and require special patterns to make castings. This causes high set up costs to rule out the making of just one or a few pieces. At Leerock our technique, business approach, and ideals are based in the old world heritage of our ancestry. At our shop you will always find quality products at great prices.

The cup, saucer, and spoon pictured above were made loose in one mold as the final test making the apprentice into a master molder.

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