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How To Sand Cast

How To Sand Cast
Do Not Try This At Home. This illustration is NOT for educational purposes.

First we start with a "pattern" or exact copy of what you want made.

Your "pattern" or copy is placed in a flask or collar to hold the sand in place.

compound is shaken onto the pattern so the molding sand
will not stick to it.

Molding sand is then
packed on top of the pattern.

The sand is packed, then mold is then flipped over and the excess sand is cut away.

Parting is applied again.

Then the top portion of the flask is put on.

Sand is again packed into the mold.

The mold is then taken apart and the pattern removed. 
Now gates and risers are cut into the sand 
to accomodate the pouring of molten metal.

The mold is now ready for the pour.

The foundryman is now removing molten glass that he added earlier to the mix. The glass attracts impurities in the metal and makes for a nice clean pour.

Here is the pour.

Once the metal has cooled, the rough casting may be taken out. At this point the casting is taken to the back room to have the gates and risers cut off. We can tumble your castings in media to give them a nice smooth finish, sandblast, or leave the finish to you.

Thanks for looking.
Amateur pattern makers bring us models made from wood, plastic, Bondo body filler, etc.  If you don’t have the ability to make your own pattern, call us. We have a list of preferred patternmakers that we use, just give us a call!

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